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Siri and dictation policies

When users ask Siri something or dictate text on managed iOS devices, Apple collects the voice data for the purposes of improving Siri. The voice data passes through Apple’s cloud-based services, and therefore exists outside the secure Citrix Endpoint Management container. The text that results from the dictation, however, remains within the container.

Citrix Endpoint Management allows you to block Siri and dictation services, as your security needs require.

In MAM deployments, the Block dictation policy for each app is On by default, which disables the device’s microphone. Set it to Off if you want to allow dictation. You can find the policy in the Citrix Endpoint Management console at Configure > Apps. Select the app, click Edit, then click iOS.

Apps configuration screen

In MDM deployments, you can also disable Siri with the Siri policy at Configure > Device Policies. The use of Siri is allowed by default.

Device Policies configuration screen

A few points to keep in mind when deciding whether to allow Siri and dictation:

  • According to information that Apple has made public, Apple keeps Siri and dictation voice clip data for up to two years. The data is assigned a random number to represent the user, and voice files are associated with this random number.
  • You can review the Apple privacy policy by going to Settings > General > Keyboards on any iOS device and tapping the link under Enable Dictation.
Siri and dictation policies

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