Prepare Installation Non-Domain joined VDAs

This section guides you to prepare for installation in the DaaS management console for creating non‑domain joined (NDJ) Citrix VDA for macOS.

Non‑Domain Joined (NDJ) Citrix VDAs obliterate the need to join VDAs to Active Directory domains for VDA and user authentication.

When you create a non‑domain joined VDA, we use secure public‑private key-pairs for registering the VDA to the DaaS control plane.

Thus, to join an Active Directory domain is no longer required.


  • Non-domain-joined VDAs are supported for Citrix DaaS.
    • For this public tech preview, your control plane must be deployed over Citrix DaaS.
    • You can deploy non‑domain joined VDAs in a macOS hosting provider’s environment or your on‑premises environment such as a data center or your end user’s machine for them to perform a remote access from home and so on.
    • Non‑domain‑joined VDAs are managed by the control plane in the Citrix DaaS.
    • The Non‑domain‑joined VDA is connected to the Citrix DaaS control plane through Rendezvous V2 that do not require any Cloud Connector presence, where the corresponding policy for Rendezvous is configured to Rendezvous V2.
    • To launch the VDA, besides Workspace configured by the DaaS control plane, you can also launch the VDA from StoreFront or/and NetScaler with Cloud Connector point to the Cloud Tenant you register a VDA to. For more information, see the Citrix DaaS install and configure overview.

Steps to prepare in DaaS management console:

  1. Create a Machine Catalog for Citrix VDA for macOS which is a common step that you do for both Windows and Linux VDA.


    Citrix VDA for macOS currently only supports as a single session or a remote PC machine catalog.

    Create_Machine_Catalog Make sure the configuration is similar to the screenshot provided.

  2. Generate an enrollment token for the VDA using Manage Enrollment Token (preview).

    In this step, you generate an enrollment token that can be reused by different VDA machines to be enrolled towards the DaaS Cloud tenant that you’re performing the operation on.

    For more details of this new feature see Generate and Manage Enrollment Tokens





    Select the Use current date and time for start checkbox if you want to use the enrollment token immediately.

  3. Use the enrollment token (generated as part of Step 1 and Step 2) to perform VDA installation and enrollment, and come back to the DaaS management console to validate if the VDA has changed from Initialization State to Registered.

  4. Create a Delivery Group for your end user with machine/desktop assigned according to common steps. For more information, see, Create Delivery Groups.

  5. After you install and configure Citrix DaaS, you will get a workspace URL link.

    The workspace URL is posted in two places:

    • From the Citrix Cloud console, select Workspace Configuration from the menu in the upper left corner. The Access tab contains the Workspace URL.

    • From the Citrix DaaS Welcome page, the workspace URL appears at the bottom of the page.

    For more information, see Delivering applications and desktops to users

  6. [Optional] Configure Rendevous V2 under the policy section in your DaaS environment.

Note :

  • Test and then share the workspace URL link with your subscribers (users) to give them access to their apps and desktops.

  • Your subscribers can access the workspace URL without any additional configuration.

Prepare Installation Non-Domain joined VDAs

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