Citrix Virtual Delivery Agent for macOS


Public Tech Preview is a process to provide our Customer and Partners with Early Access to new features and capabilities, so Citrix/CSG can collect feedback to shape the final product. It’s a collaborative effort that involves multiple functional units between Customer/Partner and Citrix/CSG, and we may not be able to address all the support needs manifested from the evaluation period in a timely manner, meanwhile, the “Public Tech Preview Product”(refer as “Product” in the following context) is not recommended to be used in a full-scale production environment (Refer the Overview and Limitation section for more information), nor be used beyond the Tech Preview trial window, otherwise Citrix/CSG will not bear any obligations for error or data lost if the Product will be used in those conditions.

Citrix Virtual Delivery Agent for macOS (Citrix VDA for macOS) enables HDX access to macOS Remote desktop anywhere from any device where the Citrix Workspace App is installed.

To use Citrix VDA for macOS and deliver the desktops accordingly is a simple process:

  • Install the VDA on Mac devices that meet the System Requirements by using either the Installer provided or your favorite MDM interface.
  • Configure the delivery group through the DaaS management console, apply DDC Policies and related configurations.
  • Then again use the DaaS management console to make the macOS desktop available to your end user through Workspace/StoreFront - then both your end user and IT department are ready to go.

Citrix VDA for macOS is designed and engineered as “yet another VDA” backed by Citrix industry leading HDX technologies within the DaaS/CVAD product family, it adheres to the existing Citrix product architecture and follows all the common roadmap of HDX features and all interfaces defined between key components in DaaS/CVAD - this is to ensure that our customers existing knowledge and experience can be reused fully in this new VDA.

The product had gone through Private Tech Preview in the past months with selective NDA customers and partners in different verticals and received good feedback and suggestions for new features and improvements - with all these inputs together our continued execution on the HDX feature roadmap, these are the capabilities you now see in the Public Tech Preview. Similarly, the primary goal of this preview is to have your feedback so we can continue work on both features and quality to ensure an upcoming successful GA - any suggestions and feature needs are welcome! For this Preview, install and configure the VDA and related components, DDC policies as exactly as possible indicated in the following sections in:

  • System Requirements
  • Installation
  • Limitation
  • Known Issues
  • Policy Support List

Otherwise we can not guarantee all features work, or may not be able to provide related support.

If you want a quick start, simply check the “System Requirements” and “Installation” parts in this document and you shall be able to use Citrix VDA for macOS right away, but we still recommend you come back later to read other sections in the documentation.

Citrix Virtual Delivery Agent for macOS

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