Creating and configuring an SCCM update VM

  1. Create a VM and give it a name that meets DNS requirements for computer object names.
  2. Install the operating system.
  3. Install the Provisioning Services target device software.
  4. Run the imaging wizard. For the same device name, use the VM name in step 1.
  5. Reboot to image the device.
  6. Shut down.
  7. Add the device to the OU that SCCM is scanning. Citrix recommends dedicating an OU rather than giving SCCM free rein of the entire Active Directory.
  8. Boot the client in private image mode.
  9. Open the firewall ports for SCCM on both the target device and the Provisioning Server.
  10. Make the SCCM administrator and the SCCM server a local administrator.

    a. On the SCCM server, select Administration > Discovery methods. Right-click on Active Directory System Discovery and choose the option Run Full Discovery Now. By default, SCCM only scans for new clients every 8 hours.

    b. Wait for the client to appear. Typically, this process takes about 10 minutes.

    c. Right-click on the SCCM client and push it to the device. Wait until the SCCM client is installed and appears as active in SCCM.

    d. Assign the client to a device collection in SCCM.

    e. In SCCM Administration > Client Settings give the client a new setting and select the custom setting Computer Agent. Select the option Additional software manages the deployment of applications and software updates. Push this configuration to the device collection in step 4 as soon as possible.

  11. Go to the site’s Property > vDisk Update tab and enable the automatic vDisk update option for the site.
  12. After the SCCM client is installed and appears as active, shut down the device.
  13. Change the vDisk to standard image mode.
  14. Right-click on the device and choose Active Directory > Delete Machine Account.
  15. Delete the Provisioning Services device record.
  16. Create a host record of where the image VM is located.
  17. Create a managed vDisk record. Note: The device name is case-sensitive.
  18. Create a task.

Note: When pushing updates and software, always push to the SCCM device collection.

Creating and configuring an SCCM update VM