Citrix Provisioning

Creating and managing tasks

Note: The user that configures vDisk Update Management tasks must have permissions to create, modify, and delete Active Directory accounts.

Use the Update Task Wizard to schedule vDisk updates to run automatically:

  1. Under the vDisk Update Management node in the Console tree, right-click on Task, then select the Add task… menu option. The Update Task Wizard welcome page appears.
  2. Click Next to begin configuring a task. The Name/Description page appears.
  3. Enter a name (required) to identify this task, and a description (optional) in the appropriate text boxes, then click Next. The Schedule page appears.
  4. Select one of the radio buttons to determine how often this task runs; None, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly. Depending on which recurrence option was selected, the page displays options specific to that selection:
  • None – no additional options appear.
  • Daily
    • Run the update at – select the time of day to run the daily update from the drop-down menu or enter a specific time.
    • Everyday – select to run this daily update everyday of the week: Monday through Sunday.
    • Weekdays only – select to run this daily update on weekdays only: Monday through Friday.
  • Weekly
    • Run the update at – select the time of day to run the daily update from the drop-down menu or enter a specific time.
    • Select specific days of the week to run the update.

Note: At least one day must be selected to proceed.

  • Monthly
    • Run the update at – select the time of day to run the daily update from the drop-down menu or enter a specific time.
    • Select to run the update task on specific days of the month using one of the following methods: On Date – enter which days of the month to run the update.

Note: Only numbers and commas are accepted in this text box. For example: 1,15 runs this update task on the first and fifteenth of every month. If either 29 or 31 are entered, this task does not run every month. Or, select On, to select the week and day of the week from the drop-down menus. For example: Selecting First and Monday would run the task on the first Monday of every month.

  1. Click Next. The vDisks page appears.
  2. Highlight existing Managed vDisks that updated using this new task, then click OK. Optionally, click on the Add Managed vDisks button run the Managed vDisk Setup Wizard to add new managed vDisks to the list. After the wizard completes, the new managed vDisks display in the list and can be selected.
  3. Click Next. The ESD Client page appears.
  4. Select the type of Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) client that is running on the vDisk, from the drop-down list, then click Next.

Note: The ESD client software should be installed in the vDisk image. When the option is set to None, client-side scripts can be run if the scripts are stored on the vDisk before the update. These scripts need to be stored under the installation directory of the client. Update.bat is a mandatory script. Optional scripts include Preupdate.bat and Postupdate.bat, which are dependent on the users configuration.

  1. Optionally, select from the following scripting options, then click Next:
  • Pre-update script – executes before the start of any update task process.
  • Pre-startup script – executes just before startup of the virtual machine.
  • Post-shutdown script – executes just after the virtual machine shuts down.
  • Post update script – executes after the update task process completes.

Note: On the server, a subfolder named Scripts must be created under the product installation directory. This folder is used to store server-side scripts.

  1. On the vDisk Access page, select the post-update access mode to assign to the vDisk version, then click Next:
  • Leave the vDisk in Maintenance mode (only available to Maintenance Devices)
  • Place the vDisk in Test mode (only available to T est and Maintenance Devices)
  • Make the vDisk ready for use (Production, available to all target devices)
  1. Confirm that all vDisk Update T ask settings are correct, then click Finish to create the task. vDisk Update Tasks can be viewed and modified on the Update Task Properties dialog.
Creating and managing tasks