Configuring managed vDisks for automated updates

vDisk Update Management uses virtual machines to process updates to managed vDisk(s). vDisks are first created in the Console, then added to vDisk Update Manager as managed vDisks by running the Managed vDisk Setup Wizard.

Note: If using ESD Servers to deliver updates, the ESD client software must be installed and enabled on the vDisk, and appropriate ESD licensing must also be available.

  1. Under the vDisk Update Management node in the Console tree, right-click on vDisks, then select the Add vDisks… option. The Managed vDisk Setup Wizard Welcome page appears.
  2. Click Next to begin. The vDisk page appears.
  3. Select the default search options (All stores, All servers). Or, use the filtering options to select specific stores and/or servers to display the vDisk(s) to select to be managed. vDisks that are not already managed appear in the vDisk selection box.
  4. Select one or more vDisks to be managed, then click Next. The Host/VM page appears.
  5. Select the type of connection to use when hosting the VM, from the appropriate drop-down list.
  6. Enter the name of the Update VM used to process the vDisk update. The VM name field is case sensitive and must match exactly to the existing VM name on the desired hypervisor.
  7. Click Next. The Active Directory page appears.
  8. If you are using Active Directory, enter a Domain and Organizational Unit to create an Active Directory machine account. This account is used by the Update Device that is created exclusively for updating this vDisk, then click Next. The Confirmation page appears.

Note: The Update VM should not already pre-exist in the Provisioning Services database or Active Directory. If it does exist, the wizard fails to run.

  1. Review all setting, then click Finish.

The Managed vDisk Setup Wizard can also be run from the Managed vDisk dialog, which displays all Managed vDisks currently in the store. The Managed vDisk Setup Wizard can be run from the Managed vDisk Dialog by clicking the Add Managed vDisks button.

Configuring managed vDisks for automated updates