Citrix Provisioning

Updating NIC drivers

From time to time, you may need to upgrade the drivers for your network interface cards (NICs). Follow the guidelines below for upgrading NIC drivers.

Upgrading NIC Drivers on Target Devices

Note: Do not attempt to upgrade a NIC driver on a vDisk. Do not attempt to upgrade a NIC driver on a hard disk on which the Provisioning Server is currently installed. Improperly upgrading a NIC may make the hard drive unable to boot.

To upgrade NIC drivers for target devices:

  1. Go to the target device with the original hard drive from which you made the vDisk image.
  2. Set the system BIOS to boot from the hard drive.
  3. Re-boot the target device directly from the hard drive.
  4. Un-install the target device software from this hard drive.
  5. Upgrade NIC driver as directed by the manufacturer’s instructions.
  6. Re-install the target device software on the hard drive.
  7. Re-image the hard drive to make a new vDisk image.

Upgrading NIC Drivers on a Provisioning Server

To upgrade NIC drivers on any Provisioning Server, simply follow the manufacturer instructions for upgrading NIC drivers.

Updating NIC drivers