Citrix DaaS

Rendezvous protocol

When using the Citrix Gateway Service, the Rendezvous protocol allows VDAs to bypass the Citrix Cloud Connectors to connect directly and securely with the Citrix Cloud control plane.

There are two types of traffic to consider:

  1. Control traffic for VDA registration and session brokering.
  2. HDX session traffic.

There are two versions of Rendezvous available:

  • Version 1 (V1): supports bypassing the Citrix Cloud Connectors for HDX session traffic only.
  • Version 2 (V2): supports bypassing the Citrix Cloud Connectors for both control traffic and HDX session traffic.

For details about system requirements, considerations, and configuration for each of the Rendezvous versions, review their respective documentation.

Rendezvous V1 documentation

Rendezvous V2 documentation

Rendezvous protocol

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