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Connection to Google cloud environments

Create and manage connections describes the wizards that create a connection. The following information covers details specific to Google cloud environments.


Before creating a connection to Google cloud environments, you need to first finish setting up your Google cloud account as a resource location. See Google Cloud environments.

Add a connection

In the Full Configuration interface, follow the guidance in Create a connection and resources. The following description guides you through setting up a hosting connection:

  1. From Manage > Full Configuration, select Hosting in the left pane.

  2. Select Add Connection and Resources in the action bar.

  3. On the Connection page, select Create a new Connection and Citrix provisioning tools, and then select Next.

    • Zone name. Select a zone (equivalent to a resource location) where you want your host resources to reside. Zones are created automatically when you create a resource location and add a Cloud Connector to it. For more information, see Zones.
    • Connection type. Select Google Cloud from the menu.
    • Service account key. Import the key contained in your Google credential file (.json). To do so, locate your credential file, open the file with Notepad (or any text editor), and then copy the content. After that, return to the Connection page, select Import key, paste the content, and then select Save.
    • Service account ID. The field automatically populates with the information from the imported key.
    • Connection name. Type a name for the connection.
  4. On the Region page, select a project name from the menu, select a region containing the resources you want to use, and then select Next.

  5. On the Network page, type a name for the resources, select a virtual network from the menu, select a subset, and then select Next. The resource name helps identify the region and network combination. Virtual networks with the (Shared) suffix appended to their name represent shared VPCs. If you configure a subnet-level IAM role for a shared VPC, only specific subnets of the shared VPC appear on the subnet list.


    • The resource name can contain 1–64 characters, and cannot contain only blank spaces or the characters \ / ; : # . * ? = < > | [ ] { } " ' ( ) ' ).
  6. On the Summary page, confirm the information and then select Finish to exit the Add Connection and Resources window.

After creating the connection and resources, the connection and resources you created are listed. To configure the connection, select the connection and then select the applicable option in the action bar.

Similarly, you can delete, rename, or test the resources created under the connection. To do so, select the resource under the connection and then select the applicable option in the action bar.

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