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Create a Citrix Hypervisor catalog

Create machine catalogs describes the wizards that create a machine catalog. The following information covers details specific to Citrix Hypervisor virtualization environments.


Before creating a Citrix Hypervisor catalog, you need to finish creating a connection to Citrix Hypervisor. See Connection to Citrix Hypervisor.

Create a machine catalog using a Citrix Hypervisor connection

GPU-capable machines require a dedicated master image. Those VMs require video card drivers that support GPUs. Configure GPU-capable machines to allow the VM to operate with software that uses the GPU for operations.

  1. In XenCenter, create a VM with standard VGA, networks, and vCPU.
  2. Update the VM configuration to enable GPU use (either Passthrough or vGPU).
  3. Install a supported operating system and enable RDP.
  4. Install Citrix VM Tools and NVIDIA drivers.
  5. Turn off the Virtual Network Computing (VNC) Admin Console to optimize performance, and then restart the VM.
  6. You are prompted to use RDP. Using RDP, install the VDA and then restart the VM.
  7. Optionally, create a snapshot for the VM as a baseline template for other GPU master images.
  8. Using RDP, install customer-specific applications that are configured in XenCenter and use GPU capabilities.

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