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Create a Nutanix catalog

Create machine catalogs describes the wizards that create a machine catalog. The following information covers details specific to Nutanix virtualization environments.


Before creating a Nutanix catalog, you need to finish creating a connection to Nutanix. See Connection to Nutanix.

Create a machine catalog using a Nutanix snapshot

The snapshot you select is the template used to create the VMs in the catalog. Before creating the catalog, create images and snapshots in Nutanix. For more information, see the Nutanix documentation.

In the catalog creation wizard:

  • The Operating System and Machine Management pages do not contain Nutanix-specific information.

  • The Container or Cluster and Container page is unique to Nutanix.

    • If you deploy machines by using Nutanix AHV XI as the resources, on the Container page, select a container where the VMs’ identity disks will be placed.

    • If you deploy machines by using Nutanix AHV Prism Central (PC) as the resources, you see the Cluster and Container page. Select which cluster to use for the deployment of VMs and then a container.

  • On the Image page, select the image snapshot. Use the Acropolis console to rename your snapshots if needed. If you rename snapshots, restart the catalog creation wizard to see a refreshed list.

  • On the Virtual Machines page, indicate the number of virtual CPUs and the number of cores per vCPU.

  • On the NICs page, select the NIC type to filter associated networks. This option is available only for Nutanix AHV PC connections. There are two NIC types: VLAN and OVERLAY. Select one or more NICs that the master image contains and then select an associated virtual network for each NIC.

  • The Machine Identities, Domain Credentials, Scopes, and Summary pages do not contain Nutanix-specific information.


When creating an MCS catalog with Nutanix host connection (specifically, Nutanix AHV plugin 2.7.1 and Nutanix AHV plugin 2.5.1), the hard disk size of provisioned VMs are incorrectly displayed on the Full Configuration interface.

  • Nutanix AHV plugin 2.7.1: The size displayed is much smaller (1 GB) than the real storage size.
  • Nutanix AHV plugin 2.5.1: The size displayed is much smaller (32 GB) than the real storage size.

However, this works as designed if the master image VM is a snapshot in VM.

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