Citrix DaaS


This article describes the requirements to create non-domain-joined catalogs using Citrix DaaS in addition to the requirements outlined in the Citrix DaaS system requirements section.


  • Control plane: See Supported Configurations
  • VDA type: Single-session (desktops only) or multi-session (apps and desktops)
  • VDA version: 2203 or later
  • Provisioning type: Machine Creation Services (MCS), Persistent and Non-persistent
  • Assignment type: Dedicated and pooled
  • Hosting platform: All platforms supported by MCS
  • Rendezvous V2 must be enabled
  • Cloud Connectors: Only required if you plan to provision machines on on-premises hypervisors or if you want to use Active Directory as the identity provider in Workspace.


  • Service continuity is not supported.
  • Whenever we use a multi session non domain joined VDA, the local user’s profile data is not retained and is deleted on logoff.

VDA installation and configuration

Follow the steps for installing the VDA:

  1. Make sure to select the following options in the installation wizard:

    • In the Environment page, select Create a master MCS image.

    Azure AD config 1

    • In the Delivery Controller page, select Let Machine Creation Services do it automatically.

    Azure AD config 2

  2. After the VDA is installed, add the following registry value:

    • Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Citrix\VirtualDesktopAgent
    • Value type: DWORD
    • Value name: GctRegistration
    • Value data: 1

Where to go next

Once the resource location and hosting connection are available, proceed to create the machine catalog. For more information on creating non-domain-joined machine catalogs, see Create non-domain-joined catalogs.