Citrix Endpoint Management

Education Configuration device policy

The Education Configuration device policy defines:

  • The Apple Classroom app settings for instructor devices.

  • The certificates used to do client authentication between instructor and student devices.

The Education Configuration device policy is supported for iOS (iPadOS) devices.

When you choose a class in this policy, the Citrix Endpoint Management console fills in the instructors and students from your Apple School Manager configuration. Create one policy if the Apple Classroom app settings in this policy are the same for all classes.

To add or configure this policy, go to Configure > Device Policies. For more information, see Device policies.

iOS settings

  • Classes: To add a class, click Add.

    Device Policies configuration screen

    Then, Click the Display Name list. A list of classes got from your connected Apple School Manager account appears.

    Device Policies configuration screen

    When you choose a class from Display Name, Citrix Endpoint Management fills in the instructors and students. Continue adding classes.

    Device Policies configuration screen

  • Allow students to change screen observation permission: If On, students enrolled in managed classes can choose whether to allow their teacher to observe their device screens. Default is Off.

  • Policy settings

    • Remove policy: Choose a method for scheduling policy removal. Available options are Select date and Duration until removal (in hours)
      • Select date: Click the calendar to select the specific date for removal.
      • Duration until removal (in hours): Type a number, in hours, until policy removal occurs.

To edit class information in the policy

You can add a description to a class (the “Display name” in the Classroom app). You can also add or remove instructors and students. Citrix Endpoint Management doesn’t save such changes to your Apple School Manager account. For more information, see “Manage instructor, student, and class data” in Integrate with Apple Education features.

Mouse over the Add column for the class you want to edit and then click the pencil icon.

Device Policies configuration screen

To delete a class from the policy, mouse over the Add column for the class you want to delete and then click the trash icon.

Education Configuration device policy