Citrix Endpoint Management


With the Endpoint Management REST API, you can:

  • Call services that are exposed through the Endpoint Management console
  • Call REST services by using any REST client

The API does not require you to sign on to the Endpoint Management console to call the services.

For the complete current set of available APIs, download the Public API for REST Services PDF.

Permissions required to access the REST API

Access to the REST API requires one of the following permissions:

  • Citrix Cloud administrator
  • Public API access permission set as part of role-based access configuration. For information, see Configuring roles with RBAC.
  • Super user permission

To invoke REST API services

You can invoke REST API services by using the REST client or cURL commands. The following examples use the Advanced REST client for Chrome.


In the following examples, change the host name and port number to match your environment.

Log in

URL: https://<host-name>:<port-number>/xenmobile/api/v1/authentication/login

Request: { "login":"administrator", "password":"password" }

Method type: POST

Content type: application/json

Login payload and request and response headers