Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service


The values in this article indicate the limits of a single Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service instance. When the number of concurrent users exceeds 75,000, Citrix can scale out and combine multiple Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service instances, to deliver a unified experience at any scale.

Configuration limits

The following table lists the limits for site-level resources.

If policies exceed the limit, Citrix recommends using the Workspace Environment Management service or Active Directory Group Policy Objects (GPOs).

Resource Limit
Active Directory domains 25
Application folders 1,000
Application Groups 250
Applications 2,000
Catalogs 500
Delivery Groups 500
Host connections 40
Hosting units per connection 40
Resource locations 25
Studio policies 100
Tags 500
VDAs 40,000

Resource location limits

The following table lists the limits for each resource location.

If your requirements exceed these limits, Citrix recommends using additional resource locations.

Resource Limit
Single-session VDAs 5,000
Multi-session VDAs 500
Active Directory domains 1
Host connections 10

Machine Creation Services (MCS) limits

The MCS limits in the following table are the recommended maximums for a single public provider subscription.

You are likely to reach quota limits from your public cloud vendor at lower levels. In such cases, contact the vendor to raise your subscription quota. For larger-scale deployments, Citrix recommends a hub-and-spoke model, where VDAs are distributed across multiple subscriptions and host connections.

For more information, see the following reference architectures:

Resource Limit
VDAs per Amazon Web Services account per region 1,500
VDAs per Google Cloud Platform project 500
VDAs per Microsoft Azure subscription 1,200

Usage limits

Resource Limit
Concurrent Director full administrators 5
Concurrent Director help desk administrators 50
Concurrent Director session administrators 50
Concurrent end users 75,000
Concurrent Studio cloud administrators 50
Concurrent Studio help desk administrators 60
Resources published to a single user 250
Session launches per minute 2,000