Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service

Load balance machines


  • This feature is available only in the web-based console.
  • This feature provides site-wide settings and applies only to multi-session OS machines.

This feature lets you control how to load balance machines. You have the following two options when load balancing machines:

  • Horizontal load balancing. Assigns the incoming load to the least loaded machine. Horizontal load balancing improves the user experience but increases costs (because more machines are kept powered on). By default, horizontal load balancing is enabled.

  • Vertical load balancing. Assigns the incoming load to the most loaded machine that has not yet reached the maximum load. This saturates existing machines before moving on to new machines. Users’ disconnecting from existing machines frees up capacity on those machines. The incoming load is then assigned to those machines. Vertical load balancing degrades the user experience but reduces costs.

    Alternatively, you can still use PowerShell to enable vertical load balancing. To enable or disable vertical load balancing site wide, use the UseVerticalScalingForRdsLaunches setting in the Set-BrokerSite cmdlet. Use Get-BrokerSite to display the value of the UseVerticalScalingForRdsLaunches setting. See the cmdlet help for details.

To use this feature, click the gear icon in the upper right corner of the console.

Load balance machines gear icon

Load balance machines