Citrix Provisioning

Performing tasks in the Console

Action menu

Select object-related tasks from the Action menu, including boot, restart, send message, view properties, copy, or paste properties.

Right-click (context) Menu

Right-click a managed object to select object-related tasks. For a complete list of tasks, refer to that object’s management chapter within this guide.

Using Drag-and-Drop

Using the Drag-and-Drop feature, you can quickly perform several common Console tasks such as:

  • Move target devices by dragging them from one device collection, and dropping them on another device collection within the same site.
  • Assign a vDisk to all target devices within a collection by dragging the vDisk and dropping it on the collection. The vDisk and the collection must be in the same site. (The new vDisk assignment replaces any previous vDisk assignments for that collection).
  • Add a target device to a view by dragging the device, then dropping it on the view in Console’s tree.
  • Drag a Provisioning Server from one Site, then drop it into another site. (Any vDisks assignments that were specific to this server and any store information will be lost.).

Using Copy and Paste

Select an object in the Console window, then use the Copy and Paste right-click menu options to quickly copy one or more properties of a vDisk, Provisioning Server, or target device, to one or more existing vDisks, Provisioning Servers, or target devices.

To copy the properties of a one object type and paste those properties to multiple objects of the same type:

  1. In the tree or details pane, right-click the object which has the properties you want to copy, then select Copy. The object-specific Copy dialog appears.
  2. Place a check in the checkbox next to each of the object properties you want to copy, then click OK.
  3. In the Console tree, expand the directory where the object exists so that those objects display in either the tree or details pane.
  4. Right-click on the object in the tree or details pane that you want to paste properties to, then select Paste.

Using views

Create views containing target devices to display only those target devices that you are currently interested in viewing or performing tasks on. Adding target devices to a view provides a quick and easy way to perform a task on members of that view, such as:

  • Boot
  • Restart
  • Shutdown
  • Send message

Views can be created at the site level or at the farm level. To perform a task on members of a view:

  1. Right-click on views icon, then select the Create View… menu option. The View Properties dialog appears.
  2. Type the name and a description of the new view in the appropriate text boxes, then select the Members tab.
  3. To add target devices to this view, click Add. The Select Target Devices dialog appears.
  4. If you are creating the view at the farm level, select the site where the target devices reside. If you are creating the view at the site level, the site information is already populated.
  5. From the drop-down menu, select the device collection where the target devices to add are members.
  6. Select from the list of target devices that display, then click OK.
  7. If necessary, continue adding target devices from different device collections within a site.
  8. Click OK to close the dialog.

For more information on views, refer to Managing Views.

Performing tasks in the Console