Citrix Provisioning

Upgrading Provisioning Servers

In a Provisioning Services farm, the database is upgraded at the same time that the first Provisioning Server is upgraded. After upgrading the database and the first server in the farm, you can upgrade the remaining servers within the farm. While the first Provisioning Server is being upgraded, some administrative features may not be available. Citrix recommends closing all Consoles until the upgrade is complete to avoid failed operations.

Upgrading the first Provisioning Server

To upgrade:

  1. To upgrade the server and database, run the new version of the server software on the server, then select the “Automatically close and attempt to restart applications” option. If this option is not selected and a “File in use” screen displays, select the “Do not close applications option.”
  2. Install the Console on this server or on a server that will be used to manage the farm (for details on installing the Console, refer to Installing Provisioning Services Server Software.
  3. In the Configuration Wizard (if the wizard does not start automatically after completing the product installation, start it now), select the option to join a farm that is already configured. Running the wizard starts the services (for details, refer to the instructions on how to join an existing farm in Configure the farm.

Upgrading remaining Provisioning servers in the farm

Complete the same procedure that was performed on the first server on each of the remaining servers in the farm.


The database upgrade is ignored because the database was upgraded when the first server was upgraded.

Upgrading Provisioning Servers