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Connection to Nutanix

Create and manage connections and resources describes the wizards that create a connection. The following information covers details specific to Nutanix.


Before creating a connection to Nutanix, you need to first finish setting up your Nutanix account as a resource location. See Nutanix virtualization environments.

Create a connection to Nutanix

The following information is a supplement to the guidance in Create and manage connections. To create a Nutanix connection, follow the general guidance in that article, minding the details specific to Nutanix.

In the Add Connection and Resources wizard, select the Nutanixconnection type on the Connection page, and then specify the address and credentials, plus a name for the connection. On the Network page, select a network for the hosting unit.

The following connection types are available for selection: Nutanix AHV, Nutanix AHV DRaaS, and Nutanix AHV PC.

  • For Nutanix AHV, specify the Prism Element (PE) cluster address and credentials.

  • For Nutanix AHV PC, specify the hypervisor address and credentials.


    Currently, the connection type Nutanix AHV PC is only used for creating connection to Nutanix Cloud Cluster (NC2) on Azure. Also, a machine catalog can only be hosted on a single cluster in a NC2 on Azure connection.

  • For Nutanix AHV DRaaS, specify your address and user name, and then import the public and private keys contained in your Nutanix DRaaS credential files (.pem). (Public and private keys are generated in Nutanix DRaaS cloud by Nutanix DRaaS administrators.)

    • To import the key, locate your credential file, open it with Notepad (or any text editor), and then copy the content. After that, return to the Connection page, select Import key, paste the content, and then select Save.

    Caution: Do not change the credential content or its format.


If you deploy machines using Nutanix AHV (Prism Element) as the resource, select the container where the VM’s disk resides.

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