Citrix DaaS


Autoscale provides a consistent, high-performance solution to proactively power manage your machines. It aims to balance costs and user experience. Autoscale incorporates the deprecated Smart Scale technology into the Manage console’s power management solution.

Autoscale enables proactive power management of all registered single-session and multi-session OS machines in a delivery group.

Autoscale features include:

Supported VDA hosting platforms

Autoscale supports all the platforms that Citrix DaaS supports. This includes various infrastructure platforms including XenServer (formerly Citrix Hypervisor), Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure Resource Manager, VMware vSphere, and many more. For a complete list of supported platforms, see System requirements for Citrix DaaS.

Supported workloads

Autoscale supports both multi-session OS and single-session OS delivery groups. There are three user interfaces to be aware of:

  • Autoscale user interface for multi-session OS delivery groups (formerly RDS delivery groups)

  • Autoscale user interface for single-session OS random (pooled) delivery groups (formerly pooled VDI delivery groups)

  • Autoscale user interface for single-session OS static delivery groups (formerly static VDI delivery groups)

For more information about the user interfaces for different delivery groups, see Autoscale user interfaces.


The Autoscale feature delivers the following benefits:

  • Provide you with a single, consistent mechanism to power manage machines in a delivery group.

  • Ensure availability and control costs by powering machines with load-based or schedule-based power management, or a combination of both.

  • To monitor metrics such as cost savings and capacity utilization, and to enable notifications, use Director, available on the Monitor tab.

Watch a 2-minute video

The following video provides a quick tour of Autoscale.