Windows Agent device policy

Use the Windows Agent device policy to point to the location of PowerShell scripts. You can point to script files uploaded to Endpoint Management as an enterprise app and to other servers that host scripts. For information about adding enterprise apps, see Add apps.

After you create this device policy, you then deploy the script files to managed Windows Desktops and Tablets.

To add or configure this policy, go to Configure > Device Policies. For more information, see Device policies.

Windows Desktop and Tablet settings

Image of Device Policies configuration screen

Image of Device Policies configuration screen

  • Config name: Type a descriptive name for your configuration.

  • Task type: Select PowerShell.

  • Select script location: Select Uploaded script for scripts that you have uploaded to Endpoint Management or select Script location URL for scripts hosted externally.

    • Select script: If you chose Uploaded script, select the script to run.

    • Enter script location URL: If you chose Script location URL, enter the location of the script to run. This URL must deliver the script as a payload. Endpoint Management doesn’t support URLs that deliver scripts as a JavaScript download.

  • Run Schedule: Select Run Once to run the selected script one time.

To check on the status of a script, navigate to Manage > Devices in your console. Select the device on which you want to check the script status and click Edit. Under Properties, you can check the status of your scripts by clicking Download under the Windows Agent heading.

Windows Agent device policy