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This article covers tasks and resources for Microsoft licenses and Citrix licenses.

Configure a Microsoft RDS License Server for Windows Server workloads

This information applies when you are delivering Windows Server workloads.

This service accesses Windows Server remote session capabilities when delivering a Windows Server workload, such as Windows 2019. This typically requires a Remote Desktop Services client access license (RDS CAL). The VDA must be able to contact an RDS license server to request RDS CALs.

Install and activate the license server. For more information, see the Microsoft document Activate the Remote Desktop Services License Server. For proof of concept environments, you can use the grace period provided by Microsoft.

With this method, you can have this service apply the license server settings. You can configure the license server and per user mode in the RDS console on the image. You can also configure the license server using Microsoft Group Policy settings. For more information, see the Microsoft document License your RDS deployment with client access licenses (CALs).

To configure the RDS license server using Microsoft Group Policy settings:

  1. Install a Remote Desktop Services License Server on an available VM. The VM must always be available. The Citrix service workloads must be able to reach this license server.
  2. Specify the license server address and per-user license mode using Microsoft Group Policy. For details, see the Microsoft document Specify the Remote Desktop Licensing Model for an RD Session Host Server.

Windows 10 workloads require appropriate Windows 10 license activation. We recommend that you follow Microsoft documentation to activate Windows 10 workloads.

Citrix license usage

For information about Citrix license usage, see: