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Monitor license usage for cloud services

License Usage in Citrix Cloud enables you to stay on top of license consumption for the cloud services you have purchased. Using the summary and detail reports, you can:

  • View license availability and assignments at a glance
  • Drill down to see individual license assignment details and usage trends
  • Export license usage data to CSV

Note: License Usage is available for the XenApp and XenDesktop Service in the US region only.

To view licensing data for your cloud services, select License Usage from the console menu.

Citrix Cloud License Usage menu

License usage summary and details

The License Usage summary provides an at-a-glance view of the following information:

License Usage summary view

  • Percentage of total purchased licenses assigned. Users are assigned a license upon first use of the cloud service. As the percentage approaches 100%, the percentage goes from green to yellow. If the percentage exceeds 100%, the percentage turns red.
  • The ratio of assigned licenses to purchased licenses.
  • The time remaining before the cloud service subscription expires. If the subscription expires within the next 90 days, a warning message appears.

For a detailed view of your cloud service licenses, click License Usage Details. You can then see a breakdown of monthly usage trends and individual users who are consuming cloud service licenses.

License Usage assignment trend graph

This breakdown shows you the following information:

  • Total Licenses: Your total purchased licenses for the cloud service across all entitlements.
  • Cumulative Assigned: The cloud service licenses that were already assigned at the beginning of each month. For example, if a user is assigned a license in July, that assignment is counted in the Cumulative Assigned number for August.
  • Newly Assigned: The number of cloud service licenses that were assigned during each month. For example, a user who accesses the cloud service for the first time in July is assigned a license. This license is counted in the Newly Assigned number for July.

The License Usage Details view also displays a list of the individual users who have assigned licenses and when those licenses were assigned.

License Usage assigned user list


  • What is a license assignment? In general, license assignment occurs when a user accesses and uses the cloud service for the first time. For the XenApp and XenDesktop Service, a license is assigned when a user launches an app or desktop for the first time.
  • Can assigned licenses be released if users are inactive? No, assigned licenses are not released, even if those users are not actively using the service.
  • Does Citrix prevent cloud service usage if assigned licenses exceed purchased licenses? No, Citrix does not prevent any service launches if you overuse your cloud license amount. License Usage provides information for understanding your cloud license usage, so Citrix expects that you will monitor your license assignments and stay within your purchased license amount. If, at any point, you believe that you are going to overuse your service, Citrix encourages you to contact your sales representative to discuss your licensing requirements.
  • What licensing information is being captured? Currently, only license information associated with user logins is captured.
  • I selected a different region when I onboarded to Citrix Cloud. When will License Usage be available in my region? We’re working on making License Usage available for customers who onboarded to other Citrix Cloud regions. Stay tuned to the Citrix Blog for announcements.

Monitor license usage for cloud services