Endpoint Management compatibility

To use new features, fixes, and policy updates, Citrix recommends that you install the most recent version of the following:

This article summarizes the versions of the supported Endpoint Management components that you can integrate.

The latest versions of Secure Hub, MDX Toolkit, and mobile productivity apps are compatible with the latest version and the two prior versions of Endpoint Management.

Mobile productivity apps

The latest version of the mobile productivity apps requires the latest version of Secure Hub. The two previous versions of the apps are compatible with the latest Secure Hub.

For more information about the mobile productivity apps two-week release cadence and phased release process for Secure Mail and Secure Web, see Release timeline. For support details, see Support for mobile productivity apps.

MDX Toolkit and MDX Service

  • Citrix supports the latest three releases (n.n.n) of MDX Toolkit. You can also use Endpoint Management MDX Service for wrapping apps. For details, see Endpoint Management MDX Service.
  • The latest on-prem toolkit version is MDX Toolkit 19.11.5 (for iOS and Android) for wrapping third-party apps. You can upgrade to MDX Toolkit 19.11.5 from MDX Toolkit 19.9.5 and 19.9.0.

The MDX Toolkit 10.7.10 was the final release that supported the wrapping of mobile productivity apps (formerly, XenMobile Apps). Users access the mobile productivity apps from the public app stores.

Browser support

Endpoint Management supports the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer, although not versions 9 or earlier
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari on mobile devices for use with the Self-Help Portal

Endpoint Management is compatible with the most current version of the browser and one version before the current version.