Known issues

The Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service has the following known issues:

  • The creation of a machine catalog in Azure results in the delayed launch of an application. Machine Creation Services (MCS) takes a snapshot of the master VM, then creates a disk from that snapshot. In deployments with unmanaged VMs the snapshot copies the VHD then creates a VM from the copied disk. This approach negatively impacts performance by introducing high levels of disk and CPU utilization for an extended period until the initial setup of the disk is finalized. This performance issue leads to increased costs in Azure environments. For example, deployments with an image size of 80 GB using premium storage for a prepared image snapshot could result in increased costs of approximately $6 (U.S.). This increased cost is due to performance characteristics introduced by the delayed launch of an application. [PMCS-3934]

  • If you use Azure AD Domain Services: Workspace (or StoreFront) logon UPNs must contain the domain name that was specified when enabling Azure AD Domain Services. Logons cannot use UPNs for a custom domain you create, even if that custom domain is designated as primary.

  • Citrix Studio allows assignment of multiple Desktop Assignment Rules (DAR) for different users or user groups to a single VDA in the Delivery Group. StoreFront displays the assigned desktop with the corresponding Display Name as per the DAR for the logged in user. However, Director does not support DARs and displays the assigned desktop using the Delivery Group name regardless of the logged in user. As a result, you cannot map a specific desktop to a machine in Director. [DNA-53578] Workaround: To map the assigned desktop displayed in StoreFront to the Delivery Group name displayed in Director, use the following PowerShell command:

     Get-BrokerDesktopGroup` | Where-Object { $\_.Uid -eq (Get-BrokerAssignmentPolicyRule | Where-Object { $\_.PublishedName -eq "\<Name on StoreFront>" }).DesktopGroupUid } | Select-Object -Property Name, Uid
  • When deploying to Azure and creating an MCS catalog version 7.9 (or newer) with write-back cache enabled, an error is encountered. Also, you cannot create anything related to Personal vDisk for Microsoft Azure. As a workaround, select another catalog version to deploy to Azure, or disable write back cache. To disable write back cache when you create a catalog, clear the Memory allocated to cache and Disk cache size check boxes on the Machines page.

  • Exported PDF reports with Monitor > Trends tab graphs generated for the last month time period having 28/30 days, do not have the x-axis marked. This issue does not occur if the month has 31 days or when you export to Excel format. [DIR-184]

For issues related to current VDAs, see Known issues.

Known issues