Known issues

The Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service has the following known issues:

  • If you use Azure AD Domain Services: Workspace (or StoreFront) logon UPNs must contain the domain name that was specified when enabling Azure AD Domain Services. Logons cannot use UPNs for a custom domain you create, even if that custom domain is designated as primary.

  • When deploying to Azure and creating an MCS catalog version 7.9 or later with write-back cache enabled and the VDA installed on the master image is 1811 or earlier, an error occurs. Also, you cannot create anything related to Personal vDisk for Microsoft Azure. As a workaround, select a different catalog version to deploy to Azure, or disable write-back cache. To disable write-back cache when you create a catalog, clear the Memory allocated to cache and Disk cache size check boxes on the Machines page.

  • The Console link on Monitor > Machine Details does not launch the Machine Console in the Microsoft Edge 44 and Firefox 68 ESR browsers. [DIR-8160]

  • In Citrix Studio, attempts to type the number sign (#) in an in-pane input box (for example, the Search box in the upper middle pane) might fail. To work around the issue, complete the following steps:

    1. Verify that you are using the US English keyboard layout. If not, add the en-US keyboard and then change the local keyboard layout to English (United States).
    2. Open your web browser and then set its display language to English (United States). For example, Google Chrome users can navigate to Settings > Languages, add the English (United States) language, click the vertical ellipsis next to English (United States), and then select Display Google Chrome in this language.
    3. Navigate to the Studio management console and then refresh your browser window. [STUD-8326]
  • Changing the name of an AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) in the AWS console breaks the existing hosting unit in Citrix Cloud. When the hosting unit is broken, you cannot create new catalogs or add machines to existing catalogs. [PMCS-7701]

For issues related to current VDAs, see Known issues.

Known issues