Register on-premises products with Citrix Cloud


Product registration is currently supported for Citrix License Server. To use this feature, you must first enable Call Home and register your License Server with Citrix Cloud from the Citrix Licensing Manager console. For instructions, see Usage and statistics.

Register a product

Product registration requires an 8-digit code that Citrix Cloud generates. Depending on your product, this code might be generated during the product installation process or when you run the product’s management console. When the product prompts you to register, the product requests the code from Citrix Cloud and displays it. You can then copy and paste this code or enter it manually in the Product Registration console in Citrix Cloud.

  1. From the Citrix Cloud menu, select License & Usage.
  2. Select Licensed Deployments > Registrations and then select Register. Licensed Deployments console
  3. Enter the 8-digit product registration code for your Citrix product and click Continue.
  4. Review the registration details and then click Register.

Register on-premises products with Citrix Cloud