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Register on-premises products with Citrix Cloud

You can easily register your on-premises Citrix product using short-code activation through Citrix Cloud. Depending on your product, this 8-digit code might be generated during the product installation process or when you run the product’s management console. When the product prompts you to register, the product requests the code from Citrix Cloud and displays it. You can then copy and paste this code or enter it manually in Citrix Cloud.

After registration, the Product Registrations page (Identity and Access Management > API Access > Product Registrations) displays the servers where your registered products reside.

Product Registrations page

Supported products

This feature is supported for use with Citrix License Server.

Connectivity requirements

To register your on-premises products successfully, ensure that the following addresses are contactable:

  • (for accessing the admin console to enter the code and view license server status)
  • (for retrieving a code)
  • (for confirming the license server is registered)
  • (for data upload)
  • port 80
  • port 80
  • port 80
  • port 80
  • port 80

If you are using a proxy server with Citrix License Server, ensure that the proxy server is configured as described in Step 5 Configure a proxy server in the License Server documentation.

Register your License Server

Citrix License Server must be updated to version or later to support License Server registration and License Server usage insights. To download the latest License Server version, see Citrix Licensing.

  1. In the Citrix Licensing Manager console, click Settings > Usage and Statistics.
  2. Keep the default selection in the Usage and Statistics tab to allow sharing of the usage statistics that License Server collects through Call Home. Click Register to generate an 8-character alphanumeric code.


    To use the License Server with Citrix Cloud, you must allow sharing of the usage statistics that License Server collects through the data collection program Call Home.

    For more information about the statistics that Citrix collects, see Citrix Licensing data collection programs in the Citrix Licensing product documentation.

  3. Copy the 8-character alphanumeric code, which you use to register a product. To finish registering your License Server, see Register a product.

For more information, see Steps to register your License Server.

Register a product

These steps explain how to register a product or the License Server.

  1. From the Citrix Cloud menu, select Identity and Access Management.
  2. Select API Access > Product Registrations and then select Register. Product Registrations page
  3. Enter the 8-character alphanumeric code for your Citrix product and click Continue.


    The 8-character alphanumeric code for your License Server can be generated by following the steps in Register your License Server.

  4. Review the registration details and then click Register.

Remove License Server registration

Removing a registered License Server from Citrix Cloud requires using the Citrix Licensing Manager console. For complete instructions, see Remove registration of your License Server.

After you remove the registration, Citrix Cloud stops collecting usage data from your License Server. However, historical data is still stored. To remove this data from Citrix Cloud, see Remove usage data in this article.

Also, verify that Citrix Cloud no longer displays the License Server on the Product Registrations page. If the License Server still appears in the list, remove the server as described in Remove a product registration in this article.

Remove a product registration

If you remove servers running a registered Citrix product from your environment, the Product Registrations page still displays the servers. Use the following steps to remove the servers from Citrix Cloud. If needed, you can register the product again later to display the servers on the Product Registrations page.

  1. From the Product Registrations page, locate the server you want to remove.
  2. Click the ellipsis button and select Remove registration. Remove product registration
  3. When prompted, select Remove.

Remove usage data

When you remove a registered License Server from Citrix Cloud, usage data that was previously collected is still stored. If you no longer want to keep this data, you can delete it.


Deleting usage data is permanent and can’t be undone. If you delete usage data but don’t remove the registration for your License Server, Citrix Cloud continues to collect usage data.

  1. From the Citrix Cloud menu, select Licensing.
  2. On the License Servers tab, select Delete data.
  3. When prompted, select the check boxes to confirm that you understand the impact of the deletion.
  4. Select Delete server data.
Register on-premises products with Citrix Cloud