Monitor licenses and active usage for Endpoint Management

License assignment

In general, users are assigned a license upon first use of the cloud service. For Endpoint Management, a license is assigned when a user enrolls a device. After a device is enrolled, the device periodically checks in with Citrix Cloud. Citrix Cloud then uses this “check-in pulse” to calculate monthly usage and helps administrators to remain aware of users’ most recent service usage.

First-time use occurs the first time a user enrolls a device or the first time a “check-in pulse” occurs for the device.

Licenses are assigned on a per-user basis. So, if two users enroll and use the same device, two licenses are assigned.

License & Usage summary and details

License & Usage summary view

The License & Usage summary provides an at-a-glance view of the following information for each supported service:

  • Percentage of total purchased licenses assigned. As the percentage approaches 100%, the percentage goes from green to yellow. If the percentage exceeds 100%, the percentage turns red.
  • The ratio of assigned licenses to purchased licenses and the number of available licenses remaining.
  • Active usage statistics on a monthly and daily basis:
    • Monthly active use refers to the number of unique users that have used the service in the last 30 days.
    • Daily active use refers to the number of unique users that have used the service in the last 24 hours.
  • The time remaining before the cloud service subscription expires. If the subscription expires within the next 90 days, a warning message appears.

For a detailed view of your licenses, click View Usage Details. You can then see a breakdown of usage trends and individual users and devices that are consuming cloud service licenses.

License Usage assignment trend graph

This breakdown shows you the following information:

  • Total Licenses: Your total purchased licenses for the cloud service across all entitlements.
  • Previously Assigned: The cloud service licenses that were already assigned at the beginning of each month. For example, if a user is assigned a license in July, that assignment is counted in the Previously Assigned number for August.
  • Newly Assigned: The number of cloud service licenses that were assigned during each month. For example, a user who accesses the cloud service for the first time in July is assigned a license. This license is counted in the Newly Assigned number for July.
  • Active Use: Daily and monthly active usage trends over the previous calendar month and calendar year, respectively. Monthly active use trend graph

The License Activity section also displays the following information:

  • A list of the individual consumers who have assigned licenses
  • The date when licenses were assigned
  • The number of enrolled devices and the date of the last check-in for each user

License Usage assigned user list

To view the number of enrolled devices for a specific user, you can click the ellipsis button and select View Devices. Citrix Cloud displays a list of the enrolled devices for the user and the date of the last check-in for each device.

Release assigned licenses

After a license is assigned, the license cannot be released, even if the user is no longer accessing the service.

Monitor licenses and active usage for Endpoint Management