Citrix Cloud

Licensing for Citrix Cloud

Citrix Cloud provides license and usage monitoring for certain cloud services. As well, license and usage monitoring is available for on-premises deployments where Citrix License Server is registered with Citrix Cloud.

Licensing for enterprise customers

Enterprise customers can monitor license assignments and usage for supported cloud services by selecting Licensing from the Citrix Cloud menu.

Citrix Cloud Licensing menu

For more information about enterprise license and usage monitoring for cloud services, see Monitor licenses and active usage for cloud services.

Licensing for on-premises deployments

Enterprise customers with an on-premises deployment of Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops can use Citrix Cloud to stay abreast of licenses and usage for both User/Device and Concurrent licensing models. By registering Citrix License Server with Citrix Cloud, customers can use the Licensed Deployments page in Citrix Cloud for the following tasks:

  • Monitor the reporting status of registered license servers
  • View license assignments and usage trends for deployments that use the User/Device licensing model.
  • View peak license usage trends for deployments that use the Concurrent licensing model.

For more information about license and usage monitoring for on-premises Virtual Apps and Desktops deployments, see Monitor licenses and usage for on-premises deployments.

Licensing for Citrix Service Providers (CSP)

Citrix Service Providers can use the following tools to understand and report on product licenses and usage:

Licensing for Citrix Cloud