Product Documentation


Nov 01, 2013

Citrix StoreFront is included on the XenDesktop media. When planning your StoreFront deployment, consider the following recommendations. For more information about StoreFront, see the StoreFront documentation in Citrix eDocs.

  • Citrix recommends hosting StoreFront on a dedicated instance of IIS. Installing other Web applications on the same IIS instance as StoreFront could have security implications for the overall StoreFront infrastructure.
  • In a production environment, Citrix recommends using HTTPS to secure communications between StoreFront and users' devices. To use HTTPS, StoreFront requires that the IIS instance hosting the authentication service and associated stores is configured for HTTPS. In the absence of the appropriate IIS configuration, StoreFront uses HTTP for communications.
  • StoreFront servers must reside within the same Microsoft Active Directory forest as the XenDesktop or XenApp servers hosting users' resources. All the StoreFront servers in a group must reside within the same domain. To enable smart card and user certificate authentication, users' accounts must be configured within the Active Directory forest containing the StoreFront servers.
  • Consider implementing multiple StoreFront servers to ensure high availability if the primary server hosting StoreFront fails.
  • Configure the external load balancer to fail over between the servers to ensure users have uninterrupted access to their applications and desktops.