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What’s new in XenMobile Service

June 11, 2018

A goal of Citrix is to deliver new features and product updates to XenMobile Service customers when they are available. New releases provide more value, so there’s no reason to delay updates. Rolling updates to the XenMobile Service release approximately every two weeks.

To you, the customer, this process is transparent. Initial updates are applied to Citrix internal sites only, and are then applied to customer environments gradually. Delivering updates incrementally in waves helps to ensure product quality and to maximize availability.

If you are a XenMobile Service customer, you also receive XenMobile Service updates and communications directly from the XenMobile Cloud Ops Team. Those updates keep you current with new features, known issues, fixed issues, and so on.

For details about the service level goal for cloud scale and service availability, see Service Level Goal. To monitor service interruptions and scheduled maintenance, see the Service Health Dashboard.


Starting the second quarter of 2018, support for Symbian and Windows CE devices is no longer available to new customers.

XenMobile Service 10.18.9

The latest version of XenMobile has these new features and improvements.

Deploy custom configurations to Citrix workspace hub devices

XenMobile now supports pushing custom configurations to Citrix workspace hub devices. After manually configuring your first Citrix workspace hub device, you can then download the configuration file from the device and have XenMobile push that configuration to all other devices.

For more information, see Deploy custom configurations to Citrix workspace hub devices.

Change to the ENABLE_NETWORK_EXTENSION default setting for new deployments

Starting with new deployments of XenMobile Service 10.18.9, XenMobile disables the Network Extension client property (ENABLE_NETWORK_EXTENSION) and enables Shared Keychain for new deployments.

If you deploy only Citrix Apps, there is no benefit to enabling the Network Extension property. Enable the Network Extension property only if you deploy enterprise wrapped apps. Network Extension allows the sharing of security data between two app silos in iOS. When Network Extension is disabled, there might be extra flips to Secure Hub, when apps need to synchronize components such as auth tokens, timers, and pin retries.

To enable Network Extension and enable the Apple Network Extension framework when Secure Hub installs, go to Settings > Client Properties, add the custom key ENABLE_NETWORK_EXTENSION, and set the Value to 1.

The default value for new installations is 0. This change doesn’t impact upgrades.

Fixed issues in XenMobile Service 10.18.9

Some apps cannot be wrapped using the MDX Service. [CXM-51045]

Profile renewal fails with the following message: The Profile “MDM Configuration” could not be updated. The new Mobile Device Management Entity is not equal as the old one. [CXM-52119]

What’s new in XenMobile Service

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