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Monitor bandwidth usage for Gateway service

This article describes bandwidth usage through the Gateway service when used with Citrix DaaS (formerly Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service) and Citrix Workspace. Bandwidth consumption for the Gateway service included with the Virtual Apps Essentials service isn’t displayed on the Licensing page of the Citrix Cloud management console.


Licensing for the Gateway service helps you understand your bandwidth usage as it relates to using virtual apps and desktops. Citrix doesn’t enforce bandwidth usage allotments in your environment. In the event you overuse your bandwidth allotment, Citrix doesn’t interfere with production workloads or the operation of the service. If Citrix changes how the policies for the Gateway service and bandwidth usage are enforced, Citrix notifies you before these changes take effect.

Licensing summary

Licensing summary view

The licensing summary for the Gateway service provides an at-a-glance view of the following information:

  • The amount of bandwidth consumed out of the total amount of bandwidth for all subscriptions.
  • The length of time before the cloud service subscription expires. If the subscription expires within the next 90 days, a warning message appears.

Licenses and bandwidth used

Each Gateway service user has access to 1 GB of bandwidth per month (12 GB per user, per year). This bandwidth is pooled across the number of licenses and for the subscription period.

For example, if you buy 100 licenses for 3 years, you have 3600 GB of total bandwidth (1200 GB per year). This bandwidth is spread across all licensed users for the 3-year period. If you buy more subscriptions, Citrix Cloud displays the total number of licenses and bandwidth across all your subscriptions.

For Gateway service trials, 50 GB of bandwidth is pooled across 25 users for the 60-day trial period.

Leftover bandwidth

If you don’t use the full amount of bandwidth during the subscription period, Citrix Cloud doesn’t carry over any unused bandwidth when you renew.

Bandwidth for multiple subscriptions

If you have several subscriptions with overlapping terms, Citrix Cloud displays the bandwidth associated with unexpired subscriptions only.

For example, let’s say that you bought two subscriptions. Citrix Cloud displays the total licenses and total bandwidth for both subscriptions. After one subscription expires, Citrix Cloud displays only the bandwidth for the unexpired subscription. When the last subscription expires, Citrix Cloud displays the amount of consumed bandwidth and zero total bandwidth. This display persists during the service grace period and data retention period described in Extend Citrix Cloud service subscriptions.

For a detailed view of your licenses, click View Usage Details.

Licensing summary view with View Usage Details highlighted

In the Usage Trends section, the Gigabytes Used tab shows you the amount of bandwidth consumed out of the total bandwidth available. The amount of bandwidth consumed is broken down based on access through the following methods:

  • VAD service: The amount of bandwidth used for external connectivity by Citrix DaaS users.
  • Site aggregation: The amount of bandwidth used for launching on-premises apps and desktops through Workspace with Site aggregation.

License Usage assignment trend graph


Usage trends are cumulative for the length of the current subscription term.

License activity

The License Activity section displays the following information:

  • A list of the individual users who have assigned licenses.
  • The domain to which the user belongs.
  • The amount of bandwidth used, in GB.
  • The date when the user last used a service that required bandwidth usage.

View usage details for users

You can view bandwidth usage over the past 30 days for:

  • A specific user shown in the License Activity list.
  • The top 10 users who have used the most bandwidth.

To view usage details for a specific user:

  1. Under License Activity, locate a user in the list that you want to view.
  2. Select View Usage from the ellipsis menu at the far right of the page.

    License Activity list with View Usage menu highlighted

Citrix Cloud displays the user’s bandwidth, broken down by access.

Bandwidth detail view for single user

To view usage details for the top 10 users, select View Top Users.

License Activity section with View Top Users highlighted

Citrix Cloud displays a graph of the bandwidth usage for the top users.

Graph of the top bandwidth users during the previous month

Citrix Cloud displays the bandwidth usage over the last 30 days for a particular user even after the license for that user has been released. When a Gateway service subscription expires, Citrix Cloud still displays the bandwidth that indivdual users consumed in the 30-day period.

Monitor bandwidth usage for Gateway service