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Monitor licenses and peak usage for Citrix DaaS (Concurrent)


Citrix DaaS was formerly Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service. Some displays might contain the former name.

License assignment

Citrix Cloud assigns a license when a user launches an app or desktop on their device. When the user logs off or disconnects from the session, the license is no longer assigned. Because license assignment can change depending on the number of devices accessing apps or desktops at any given time, Citrix Cloud evaluates the number of licenses in use every five minutes. For more information about the Concurrent licensing model, see Concurrent licenses.

Licensing summary

Licensing summary view

The Licensing summary provides an at-a-glance view of the following information:

  • Percentage of total purchased licenses currently in use when Citrix Cloud last evaluated the licenses in use. Citrix Cloud calculates this percentage every five minutes based on unique devices with active connections to the service. The quantity of total purchased licenses is the sum of licenses that have been purchased for Citrix DaaS editions that use the Concurrent licensing model.

  • The ratio of currently assigned licenses to total purchased licenses and the number of available licenses remaining. The Total figure shown in this ratio represents the total number of licenses that are currently owned (as of the “Last Reported” date and time).
  • Peak usage statistics. In calculating peak licenses in use, Citrix Cloud retrieves the the maximum number of licenses used in the following time periods:
    • Last 24 hours: The maximum number of licenses used at one time during the last 24-period period.
    • This Month: The maximum number of licenses used at one time from the start of the current calendar month.
    • All Time: The maximum number of licenses used at one time from the start of the subscription.

    The Total figure shown for these peak usage periods represents the total number of licenses that were owned at that point in time. If the total number of owned licenses increases or decreases, and there’s corresponding increase in assigned licenses, the Total figure changes to reflect the new number of owned licenses for that point in time. However, if there is no corresponding usage peak, the Total figure does not change.

Calculating peak licenses in use

To accurately reflect the Concurrent licensing model for Citrix DaaS, Citrix Cloud counts the number of unique devices accessing the service simultaneously every five minutes. If the count is greater than the current peak usage displayed, Citrix Cloud displays the new peak usage with the date and time that it was reached. If the count is less than the current peak usage, the current peak usage doesn’t change.


If you use Monitor in Director for information about concurrent sessions, be aware that the Monitor report provides a different interpretation of concurrent sessions and does not accurately reflect the number of concurrent licenses in use. For more information about the differences between Monitor reports and Licensing reports, see the FAQ.

For a historical view of your licenses, click View Usage Details.

License Usage assignment trend graph

The Usage Trends breakdown shows you the following information:

  • Total Licenses: Your total purchased Concurrent licenses.
  • Peak Licenses In Use: The maximum number of licenses assigned for the date range that you select. By default, Citrix Cloud displays peak usage for each month in the current calendar year. To drill down to monthly or hourly peak usage, select the calendar month or day you want to view from the Date Range menu.

    Peak usage for the current month

    If the date range you select isn’t yet finished, Citrix Cloud displays the current peak usage for the latest interval of time. For example, if you drill down to view a calendar day that’s still in progress, the maximum number of licenses is displayed for each hour up to the current moment in time. If the maximum number of licenses increases at the next five-minute counting interval, Citrix Cloud updates the peak usage for the current hour.

    Peak usage for the current month

Monitor licenses and peak usage for Citrix DaaS (Concurrent)