Citrix Cloud

Cloud Connector updates

Periodically, Citrix releases updates to increase the performance, security, and reliability of the Cloud Connector. To install these updates timely without unduly affecting your users’ Citrix Cloud experience, you can choose when these updates are installed.

Choose an update schedule

By default, Citrix Cloud installs updates on each Cloud Connector, one at a time, as soon as updates become available. To choose an update schedule:

  1. From the Citrix Cloud menu, select Resource Locations.
  2. Locate the resource location you want to modify and, from the ellipsis menu, select Manage Resource Location.

    Manage Resource Location menu

  3. Under Choose your update method, select Set a maintenance start time and choose the time of day for installing updates.

The start time you select is applied to all Cloud Connectors regardless of the timezone in which they are located. If you have Cloud Connectors in different timezones, Citrix Cloud installs updates at your selected time and timezone. For example, if you schedule updates for 2:00 AM in the US Pacific timezone, and you have Cloud Connectors located in London, Citrix Cloud starts to install the update on those Cloud Connectors at 2:00 AM US Pacific time.


If the Cloud Connector experiences an issue during update installation, the installation pauses until the issue is resolved. Because updates are installed on each Cloud Connector, one at a time, a paused update on one Cloud Connector can prevent updates on all remaining Cloud Connectors in your Citrix Cloud account.

Unscheduled updates

Even if you choose a preferred time for installing updates, Citrix Cloud might still install an update as soon as possible after it becomes available. Unscheduled updates occur when:

  • The update can’t be installed at the preferred time within 48 hours of its availability. For example, if your preferred time is 2:00 AM and the Cloud Connector is offline for three days following the update release, Citrix Cloud installs the update immediately when the Cloud Connector is back online.
  • The update contains a fix for a critical security or feature issue.

Cloud Connector updates