Citrix Cloud

Licensing for Citrix Service Providers

The License Usage Insights service in Citrix Cloud is a free cloud service that helps Citrix Service Providers (CSP) understand and report on product licenses and usage. Only CSP partners have access to License Usage Insights.

The License Usage Insights service enables you to:

  • Automatically collect and aggregate product usage information from Citrix license servers
  • Automatically aggregate cloud licensing usage and consumption for single-tenant and multitenant customers
  • Easily view which users are accessing your Virtual Apps and Desktops deployments each month
  • Create customer breakdowns of licensing usage
  • Optimize license costs by identifying and tracking a list of free users
  • View and understand your historic business with Citrix
  • Export Virtual Apps and Desktops product and cloud license usage, ADC VPX allocations data, and Virtual Apps and Desktops Standard for Azure licensing and consumption data to CSV

Additional information

For requirements and setup instructions, see Get started with License Usage Insights.

To view aggregated usage for single tenant customers and multitenant partners, see Cloud service license usage and reporting for Citrix Service Providers.

To view customers’ usage of supported services using the Licensing console, see the following articles:

Licensing for Citrix Service Providers