Citrix Cloud

Plan your deployment

For a customer journey perspective, go to the Citrix Success Center. The Success Center provides guidance for the five key stages of your Citrix journey: plan, build, roll out, manage, and optimize. The Success Center articles and guides are a companion to this documentation, offering a broad solution-based perspective.

Service trials and subscriptions

Citrix Cloud offers trials for most cloud services. Trials have the same features and functions as paid services, so they’re suitable for a proof-of-concept or pilot deployment. For more information, see Citrix Cloud Service Trials.

In general, paid service entitlements can have a monthly, annual, or termed duration. As the entitlement nears its end, Citrix Cloud sends reminders and provides a grace period so you can renew your entitlement without undue service interruptions. For more information about renewing your entitlements, see Extend Citrix Cloud service subscriptions.

Regions and service presence

Citrix Cloud provides services in three regions: United States, European Union, and Asia Pacific South. When you sign up for Citrix Cloud, you must choose the region that best suits your performance and business needs.

To learn more about selecting a region and the services that are available in each region, see Geographical Considerations.

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Plan your deployment