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Create an HPE Moonshot machine catalog (Preview)

Create machine catalogs describes the wizards that create a machine catalog. The following information covers details specific to HPE Moonshot environments.


  • Create a connection to HPE Moonshot
  • Make sure to have one or more HPE Moonshot nodes available and install VDAs on those nodes.
  • For information about creating the initial HPE Moonshot cartridge image, see the OS Deployment on Moonshot User Guide.

You can create an HPE Moonshot machine catalog using:

  • Web Studio
  • PowerShell commands

Create a machine catalog using Web Studio

In the Machine Catalog Setup wizard:

  1. On the Operating System page, select Multi-session OS or Single-session OS.
  2. On the Machine Management page, select Machines that are power managed and Another service or technology.
  3. On the Virtual Machines page, add machines and their Active Directory machine accounts. You can do either of the following:

    • Click Add Machines to add machines manually. The Select VMs window appears. Expand the HPE Moonshot chassis connection you created earlier and select the nodes (VMs) you want to add. Then add the associated machine account names.
    • Click Add CSV File to bulk add machines. For information about using CSV files to add machines, see Use CSV files to bulk add machines to a catalog.

The Scopes and Summary pages do not contain HPE Moonshot-specific information.

Create a machine catalog using PowerShell commands

Run the New-BrokerCatalog and New-BrokerMachine PowerShell commands to create a broker catalog and import machines to the broker catalog.

For example:

New-BrokerCatalog  -AdminAddress "MyDDC.MyDomain.local" -AdminClientIP "" -AllocationType "Random" -IsRemotePC $False -MachinesArePhysical $False -MinimumFunctionalLevel "L7_20" -Name "BurMC" -PersistUserChanges "OnLocal" -ProvisioningType "Manual" -Scope @() -SessionSupport "MultiSession" -ZoneUid "e166e2cb-25dc-4578-bc07-bcf2a82d1463"
New-BrokerMachine  -AdminAddress "MyDDC.MyDomain.local" -AdminClientIP "" -CatalogUid 3 -HostedMachineId "c10n1" -HypervisorConnectionUid 4 -IsReserved $False -MachineName "S-1-5-21-2589939477-3963209805-1860259709-1121"

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Create an HPE Moonshot machine catalog (Preview)