Connect to Citrix Cloud

Connecting your resources to Citrix Cloud involves deploying connectors in your environment and creating resource locations.

Resource locations contain the resources required to deliver cloud services to your subscribers. You manage these resources from the Citrix Cloud console. Resource locations contain different resources depending on which Citrix Cloud services you are using and the services that you want to provide to your subscribers.

To create a resource location, install at least two Cloud Connectors in your domain. Cloud Connectors are required for enabling communication between Citrix Cloud and your resources. For more information about deploying the Cloud Connector, see the following articles:

Location of resources

Your resource location is wherever your resources reside, whether that’s a public or private cloud, a branch office, or a data center. If you already have resources in your own cloud or data center, your resources remain where they are. There’s no need to move them elsewhere to use them with Citrix Cloud.

Your choice of location might be impacted by the following factors:

  • Proximity to subscribers
  • Proximity to data
  • Scale requirements
  • Security attributes

There is no restriction on the number of resource locations you can have. The overhead of a resource location is small.

Example of a resource location deployment

  • Build your first resource location in your data center for the head office based on subscribers and applications that need to be close to the data.
  • Add a second resource location for your global users in a public cloud. Alternatively, build separate resource locations in branch offices to provide the applications best served close to the branch workers.
  • Add another resource location on a separate network that provides restricted applications. This provides restricted visibility to other resources and subscribers without the need to adjust the other resource locations.

Naming restrictions

The following characters are not allowed when creating names for resource locations:

  • #, $, %, ^, &, ?
  • Braces: [], {}
  • Pipes (|)
  • Less-than symbol (<)
  • Forward and backward slashes (/, \)

Primary resource locations

A primary resource location is a resource location that you designate as “most preferred” for certain communications between your domain and Citrix Cloud. The Cloud Connectors in a primary resource location are used for user logons and provisioning operations. The resource location you select as “primary” should have Cloud Connectors that have the best performance and connectivity to your domain. This enables your users to log on quickly to Citrix Cloud.

For more information, see Select a primary resource location.