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Verify your email for Citrix Cloud

From time to time, Citrix might ask you to verify your Citrix Cloud account. Some reasons why you might be asked to verify your email:

  • You haven’t logged in to Citrix Cloud in a while.
  • You changed your email address.
  • You added a new administrator to your Citrix Cloud account.


How often will I be asked for verification? Verifying your account is a one-time event. Citrix Cloud won’t ask you for verification every time you sign in or when something in your account changes. If you’re asked to verify frequently, contact Citrix Technical Support.

Has something happened to my account? No, being asked to verify your account doesn’t mean that anything is wrong with either your account or any of your Citrix Cloud services. It’s simply a part of how Citrix keeps your information safe and secure.

I haven’t received an email. What do I do? Perform the following steps:

  • Search your inbox for an email from “Citrix.”
  • If it’s not in your inbox, check your folders. If a spam filter or email rule moved the email, it might be in your spam or trash folders.
  • Ensure you’re checking the correct email account. Citrix sends the verification email to the email address currently on file for your account. Often, this is the email address you originally signed up with for Citrix Cloud or the one with which you were invited to join the Citrix Cloud account.

Contact Citrix Technical Support

If you are experiencing an issue that’s not covered here, contact Citrix Technical Support to open a support case.

Verify your email for Citrix Cloud