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Bidirectional content redirection configuration

Bidirectional content redirection allows URLs to be redirected from client to server or server to client, depending on the configurations. This policy setting replaces the following three settings, which are deprecated:

  • Allow bidirectional content redirection
  • Allowed URLs to be redirected to VDA
  • Allowed URLs to be redirected to Client

It also replaces the following three local GPO settings on Windows clients:

  • Bidirectional content redirection
  • Bidirectional content redirection overrides
  • OAuth redirection

If this setting is configured, it takes precedence over the legacy settings in Studio and on the client. To configure the Bidirectional content redirection policy, do the following:

  1. On the Citrix DaaS configuration page, click the Manage tab.
  2. Click the Policies tab.
  3. Click Create Policy. The Create Policy blade opens.
  4. Search for Bidirectional content redirection configuration in the Search field, select the check box and click Edit.
  5. In the Edit Setting blade, set this policy to Enabled and click Manage URLs.

    enable bidirectional content redirection

  6. In the Manage URLs blade, for VDA-to-client redirection specify the following:

    • URL (Required): Add the URL that should redirect from the VDA to open on the client. For OAuth redirection, set the authentication scheme and pattern on the client to redirect the session back to the host.
    • Pattern (Optional): URL regular expression that, when redirected to the client through VDA-to-Client URL redirection, is tracked as if an OAuth authentication flow has begun, and when the flow completes (detected by the resulting scheme or redirect URL pattern being opened), that resulting URL is redirected back into the Host VDA that initiated that flow.
    • Scheme (Optional): If a Scheme is specified, the terminating URL is expected to be of the form: scheme://<something>. If Scheme is not specified (empty), then the original resulting URL pattern is extracted from the Pattern via a regular expression capture group (must be specified in the Pattern), and the original URL is rewritten to use a citrix-oauth-redir:// redirect URL. When the flow completes, the original redirect URL is then redirected back into the Host (VDA). Any OAuth Authorization server, in this case, must be configured to allow citrix-oauth-redir://byIndex/1 (2, 3, ... N) redirect URLs.


    Though both Pattern and Scheme are optional, if Pattern is specified, you must also specify Scheme.

  7. In the Manage URLs blade, for Client-to-VDA redirection specify the following:

    • Type: Choose Desktop or Application.
    • Name: Provide a name to the type.
    • URL: Provide the URL you want to redirect to the source. You can add multiple URLs and delete the ones that are not required
  8. Click Save. The Edit Setting blade displays the number of items configured.
  9. Click Save. The Create Policy blade displays the Current Value configured. Click Next.
  10. In the Assign Policy To step, click Next.
  11. In the Summary step, select the Enable policy check box and provide a name in the Policy name field.
  12. Click Finish. The new policy is listed.
  13. Select the new policy created to review the settings configured.

For legacy settings see Host-to-client redirection and Bidirectional content redirection.

Bidirectional content redirection configuration

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