Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops

Client location redirection

Client location redirection, when enabled, allows VDA-hosted apps and desktop sessions to seamlessly access the client’s current location. On a multi-session operating system (TS VDA or Multi-Session WS VDA), each session has its own unique location provided by the connected client. Using this feature, applications on the VDA that depend on location have the accurate location of the client.

For more information, see the Microsoft documentation.

After client location redirection is enabled and location access is allowed on both the server and client side, when you launch a location-accessing application or desktop, the client prompts you to share its current location with the following dialog box:

Location Popup

When you enable the client location redirection, the following icon appears in the client’s taskbar if/when the VDA-hosted app or desktop queries current location information.

Location icon

System requirements

For servers:

  • Single-Session (Win10/11) or Multi-Session (Win 11 22H2 and Server 2022 23H2 or later) OS VDA
  • Citrix Workspace app for Windows, iOS, or Android


Client location redirection must be enabled using the Citrix policy for the feature to work. Client location redirection is disabled by default.

To enable client location redirection, complete the following steps:

On the Windows VDA and Client side:

  1. In Settings > Privacy > Location, enable the following options:
    • Allow access to location on this device
    • Allow apps to access your location Allow apps access location
    • Allow desktop apps to access your location Desktop apps to access location Select the required desktop app
  2. For multi-session OS, enable the Location Override setting.

On the Controller/DDC side:

Enable the Studio > Policies > Location > Settings > Allow application to use the physical location of the client device policy. For more information, see Client sensors policy settings. Allow application to use the physical location of the client device

Client location redirection