Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service

Install Cloud Connectors

Citrix Cloud Connectors bridge the gap between the Citrix-managed services and customer-managed components. The Cloud Connector is a group of services from Citrix Cloud that allow communication between the VDAs, customer-managed StoreFront, and the cloud-based Delivery Controller. You can install Cloud Connectors interactively or from the command line.

After you finish installing the first Cloud Connector, repeat the steps for the second Cloud Connector in the resource location. You should have a minimum of two Cloud Connectors in each resource location.

After installation, ensure that the servers containing Cloud Connectors are powered on at all times for proper operation. Do not move a machine containing a Cloud Connector to a different domain.

Size and scale considerations

When evaluating the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service for sizing and scalability, consider all of the components. Research and test the configuration of the Cloud Connectors and the customer-managed StoreFront for your specific requirements. Undersizing the machines can impact system performance negatively.

The following articles contain size and scale testing information. They provide details of the tested maximum capacities, plus best practice recommendations for Cloud Connector machine configuration.

Prepare machines

Provision two Windows Server 2012 R2 or Windows Server 2016 machines.

Each machine hosting the Cloud Connector must meet the following requirements:

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2 or later installed.
  • Joined to an Active Directory domain that contains the resources and users that you will use to create offerings for your users.
  • Connected to a network that can contact the resources you will use in your resource location. For more information, see Cloud Connector Proxy and Firewall Configuration.
  • Connected to the Internet. For more information, see Internet Connectivity Requirements.
  • Server clock is set to the correct UTC time.
  • Outbound TCP port 443 is open for communication with Citrix Cloud.

When using Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager to provision machines that deliver apps and desktops (the host), install a VMM console on each server that contains a Citrix Cloud Connector. If you omit this installation, an error message displays: SCVMM console version 2012 or later is not installed on the following delivery controllers ....

Install a Cloud Connector interactively

From the server where you’ll install the Cloud Connector, log on to Citrix Cloud. From the menu in the upper left corner, select Resource Locations.

Resource location image

Click Download and then follow the wizard.

  • You are asked for Citrix Cloud administrator credentials. (These are the credentials you used to log on to Citrix Cloud.)
  • If you are an administrator for more than one customer, choose the customer for whom you’re installing the Cloud Connector.
  • If the customer has more than one resource location, choose the one where you want to install the Cloud Connector.

The installer runs connectivity checks to Citrix Cloud at the beginning and end of the installation.

After you finish installing the first Cloud Connector, repeat the steps for the second Cloud Connector in the resource location. Each resource location should have a minimum of two Cloud Connectors.

Citrix recommends downloading a new Cloud Connector from the Citrix Cloud Control Center for each installation. Do not re-use a download to install more than one Cloud Connector.

Install a Cloud Connector from the command line

Run the following command:

Run CWCConnector.exe /q /Customer:\<*customer*> /ClientId:<*client-id*> /ClientSecret:<*client-secret*> /ResourceLocationId:<*resource-location-id*> /AcceptTermsOfService:true

To display a list of supported parameters, enter: CWCConnector /?

Parameter Description
q Initiates a silent installation. If omitted, an interactive installation launches.
Customer Required. Customer ID. Find on the API Access page, in Identity and Access Management.
ClientId Required. Secure client ID an administrator can create. Find on the API Access page.
ClientSecret Required. Secure client secret available by download after creating a secure client. Find on the API Access page.
ResourceLocationId Optional. Find on the Resource Locations page, using the ID button.
AcceptTermsOfService Required.

Installation results

Exit codes:

  • 1603: An unexpected error occurred.
  • 2: A prerequisite check failed.
  • 0: The installation completed successfully.

Installation logs are stored at:

  • %LOCALAPPDATA%\Temp\CitrixLogs\CloudServicesSetup
  • %ProgramData%\Citrix\WorkspaceCloud\InstallLogs

If an installation fails, run Start /Wait CWCConnector.exe /*parameter:value* to examine error codes. After the installation completes, run echo %ErrorLevel%*.

More information

Where to go next

Create a connection

To review the entire configuration process, see Install and configure.

Install Cloud Connectors