Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7 2012

About this release

This Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops release includes new versions of the Windows Virtual Delivery Agents (VDAs) and new versions of several core components. You can:

  • Install or upgrade a site

    Use the ISO for this release to install or upgrade core components and VDAs. Installing or upgrading to the latest version allows you to use the latest features.

  • Install or upgrade VDAs in an existing site

    If you already have a deployment, and aren’t ready to upgrade your core components, you can still use several of the latest HDX features by installing (or upgrading to) a new VDA. Upgrading only the VDAs can be helpful when you want to test enhancements in a non-production environment.

    After upgrading your VDAs to this version (from version 7.9 or later), you do not need to update the machine catalog’s functional level. The 7.9 (or later) value remains the default functional level, and is valid for this release. For more information, see VDA versions and functional levels.

For installation and upgrade instructions:

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7 2012

Install and upgrade VDAs: Include a Workspace Environment Management agent

When installing a VDA, you can now include a Workspace Environment Management agent. For details, see Install VDAs and Install using the command line.

Upgrade: Removing unsupported items

If your current deployment uses PvDs or AppDisks, or has connections to host types that are no longer supported, you can upgrade to this version only after removing items that use those technologies.

For VDAs, the installation or earlier upgrades might have included PvD and AppDisks components, even if you never used it.

For details, see Remove PvD, AppDisks, and unsupported hosts.

Virtual Delivery Agents (VDAs) 2012

Version 2012 of the Windows single-session OS and multi-session OS VDAs includes the following enhancements. These items are in addition to the VDA installation and upgrade items listed earlier in this article.

Rendezvous proxy support

The VDA now supports the use of transparent and non-transparent proxies with Rendezvous. For more information, see Rendezvous proxy configuration.

Enhancements to webcam redirection on Microsoft Surface Pro 4

This release addresses webcam redirection issues on Microsoft Surface Pro 4 devices. When you start a remote session and choose a webcam from a supported video conferencing application, the server now selects the format type for high-definition rendering.

Drag and then drop files between a Citrix session and a local endpoint

Dragging and then dropping files between a Citrix session and a local endpoint is available. You can drag and then drop files, groups of files, directories, groups of directories, or a combination of files and directories to and from the same client on the session. This ability applies to a desktop session or a seamless app. This includes the desktop, Explorer window, and some applications. This feature does not support all apps. For example, you can drag a file out of a compressed (zipped) folder, but not into one.


The feature requires a minimum of Citrix Workspace app 2002 for Windows.

This feature is enabled by default.

Some known limitations:

  • You cannot drag a file from a client desktop into a Firefox or Internet Explorer browser window inside a desktop session.

  • You cannot drag and then drop into a zipped folder, into an application shortcut, a message from a seamless application to a client desktop, or into a seamless Outlook message if dragged quickly from a client.

Windows Image Acquisition scanner redirection

This Citrix solution allows support for the Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) framework for image acquisition devices that utilize it. WIA exposes a framework that enables scanning/imaging applications access to a variety of features from the scanning device itself. The WIA API gives access to various functionality of image acquisition devices, such as enumeration of all available devices, connections to multiple devices, querying various properties of devices, acquiring device data, and providing notifications of device events using event handlers.

Citrix Licensing 11.16.6

Citrix Licensing 11.16.6 contains new features and fixed and known issues.

For documentation about related components, see:

More information

  • For deprecation and removal announcements, see Deprecation.
  • For information about product name and version number changes that were introduced in the year 2018, see New names and numbers.
Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7 2012