Product Documentation

Citrix Insight Services

Aug 31, 2016

Citrix Insight Services (CIS) is the Citrix flagship platform for diagnostics and troubleshooting. It enables technical users (customers, partners, and engineers) to self-diagnose and fix problems and optimize their environments. For details and the latest information about CIS and how it works, see (Citrix account credentials required).

This XenApp and XenDesktop release supports the following CIS tools and technologies.

Citrix Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP)

When you opt in to CEIP, anonymous statistics and usage information are sent to Citrix to help Citrix improve the quality and performance of Citrix products. For details, see

You can opt in to CEIP when you perform the following tasks. This is not a comprehensive list; the opportunities to opt in continue to grow.

  • Create a XenApp or XenDesktop Site.
  • Upgrade a XenApp or XenDesktop Site.
  • Install the Universal Print Server UpsServer component on print servers from the command line.
  • Install the Session Recording Server.

Call Home Technology Preview

Citrix Call Home performs periodic collection of your system and product configuration, plus performance, error, and other information.  This information is then sent to CIS for Citrix support and product teams to resolve issues proactively.

For the latest Call Home information, see the following (Citrix account credentials required):