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Shut down and restart machines

Sep 11, 2015

To shut down and restart machines

Note: This procedure does not apply to Remote PC Access machines.
  1. In Studio, use Search to locate the machine you want to shut down or restart, or select a Delivery Group and click View Machines.
  2. Select the machine and perform one of the following actions. Depending on the state of the machine, some of these options are not available:
    • Force shut down — Forcibly powers off the machine and refreshes the list of machines.
    • Restart — Requests the machine's operating system to shut down and then start the machine again. If the operating system is unable to do this, the machine remains in its current state.
    • Suspend — Pauses the machine without shutting it down and refreshes the list of machines.
    • Shut down — Requests the machine’s operating system to shut down.
    Note: If the machine does not shut down within 10 minutes, it is powered off. If Windows attempts to install updates during shutdown, there is a risk that the machine is powered off before the updates are complete.

Set up the restart schedule for a Server OS machine Delivery Group

Use the Reboot Schedule feature to configure the restart schedule for Server OS machines within a Delivery Group. You can:
  • Specify the days and hour on which reboots occur
  • Distribute the restart activity over an evenly spaced duration (this is useful for large groups)
  • Create a customized message that notifies users about the restart
Note: You cannot perform an automated power-on or shutdown in Studio.
  1. From the Delivery Group node, select Edit Delivery Group.
  2. Click Reboot Schedule.
  3. Click Yes. The Reboot Schedule options activate.
  4. Enter the following information:
    • Restart machines — Select Daily, or specify a day of the week. For example, Every Saturday.
    • Restart first group at — Using 24 hour format, enter the hour and minute at which the first group restarts. For example, 20:15.
    • Restart additional groups every — Select All machines at once or the time interval at which groups restart. For example, 2 hours.
  5. Select when to send a restart notification using the Send restart notification to user list. For example, 5 minutes before user is logged off. If you select this option, enter the notification message text then click OK.


Restart is scheduled using the time zone set on the machines in the Delivery Group.