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Monitor and troubleshoot

Nov 01, 2016

Monitor and troubleshoot your environment with Director

Director is a Web-based tool that enables IT support and help desk teams to monitor a XenApp or XenDesktop environment, troubleshoot issues before they become system-critical, and perform support tasks for end users.

Director provides different views of the interface tailored to particular administrators. Product permissions determine what is displayed and the commands available.

For example, help desk administrators see an interface tailored to help desk tasks. Director allows help desk administrators to search for the user reporting an issue and display activity associated with that user, such as the status of the user's applications and processes. They can resolve issues quickly by performing actions such as ending an unresponsive application or process, shadowing operations on the user's machine, restarting the machine, or resetting the user profile.

In contrast, full administrators see and manage the entire site and can perform commands for multiple users and machines. The Dashboard provides an overview of the key aspects of a deployment, such as the status of sessions, user logons, and the site infrastructure. Information is updated every minute. If issues occur, details appear automatically about the number and type of failures that have occurred.

Monitor Personal vDisks

CtxPvdDiag.exe is a diagnostic tool that enables you to monitor changes made to Personal vDisks.

Monitor Service OData API

In addition to using the Director console to display historical data, you can query data using the Monitor Service's API. You can use the API to analyze historical trends for future planning, or to perform detailed troubleshooting of connection and machine failures. You can also use the API to extract information for feeding into other tools and processes.