Product Documentation

Export from a XenDesktop 4 farm

Feb 13, 2013

The export tool, XdExport, extracts data from a single XenDesktop 4 farm and produces an XML file from representations of the data values.

The data types exported are described in Data import and export details.

The schema of the XML file resides in the file XdFarm.xsd, which is included in the migration tool download: and

To run the export tool

Run the tool on a machine that is a XenDesktop 4 Controller in the farm from which you want to export data. This machine must have the XenDesktop 4 PowerShell SDK installed.

You must have the following permissions to export the data:

  • The user identity of at least read-only Citrix administrator of the farm.
  • Permission to read the registry.

Although not recommended, you can run the tool while the XenDesktop Controller is in active use (for example, users are logged in to VDAs).

Citrix strongly recommends:

  • The XenDesktop 4 Controller on which you run the tool be up-to-date with public hotfixes.
  • Not making configuration changes to the Site while the export is running (for example, removing Desktop Groups).
  1. Download and extract the files to the XenDesktop 4 Controller.
  2. At a command line prompt, run XdExport.exe. You can include parameters:
    Parameter Description


    Generates messages providing detailed progress information.

    -FilePath <path>

    Indicates the location of the XML file to which the farm data is exported.

    Default = .\XdSettings.xml


    Overwrites any file existing in the location specified in -FilePath.

    If you do not supply this parameter and an output file already exists, the tool fails with the following error message: Error: File already exists. Specify -Overwrite to allow the file to be overwritten.

    -? or -help

    Displays text describing the parameters and exits without exporting any data.

  3. If the tool runs successfully, the message Done appears. The XdSettings.xml file resides in the location specified in the FilePath parameter.

    If the tool fails, an error message appears.

When you have successfully run the Export tool, review and edit the XML file as described in Edit the Migration Tool XML file.