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High definition user experience with HDX

Nov 05, 2013
Citrix HDX includes a broad set of technologies that provide a high-definition user experience.
At the device: HDX leverages the computing capacity of user devices to enhance and optimize the user experience. HDX MediaStream technology ensures users receive a smooth, seamless experience with multimedia content in their virtual desktops or applications. Workspace control enables users to pause virtual desktops and applications and resume working from a different device, at exactly the point where they left off.
On the network: HDX incorporates advanced optimization and acceleration capabilities to deliver the best performance over any network, including low-bandwidth and high-latency WAN connections.

HDX features adapt to changes in the environment, balancing performance and bandwidth by applying the best technologies for each unique user scenario, whether the desktop or application is accessed locally on the corporate network, or remotely from outside the corporate firewall.

In the datacenter: HDX leverages the processing power and scalability of servers to deliver advanced graphical performance, regardless of the capabilities of the client device. Compressed multimedia information is sent directly to the user device in its native format.

HDX channel monitoring, provided by Citrix Director, shows the status of connected HDX channels on user devices.

HDX Insight, the integration of EdgeSight Network Inspector and EdgeSight Performance management with Director, captures data about ICA traffic and provides a Dashboard view of real-time and historical details such as client-side and server-side ICA session latency, bandwidth usage of ICA channels, and the ICA Round Trip Time value of each session.

For support and requirements information, see HDX system requirements.

Citrix policy settings that provide the best out-of-the-box experience for the majority of use cases are enabled by default. The topics in this section describe how to further optimize the user experience, improve server scalability, or reduce bandwidth requirements. For information about working with Citrix policies, refer to Manage Citrix policies.

Note: Except where otherwise noted in this section, HDX features are available for Windows Server OS, Windows Desktop OS, and Remote PC Access desktops.

Experience HDX capabilities

  1. Log on to your virtual desktop.
  2. To experience how HDX delivers rich video content to virtual desktops, visit a website containing high definition videos, such as, and view a video.
  3. To experience Flash Redirection:
    1. Browse to and download and install Adobe Flash Player on both the virtual desktop and the user device.
    2. On the Desktop Viewer toolbar, click Preferences. In the Desktop Viewer Preferences dialog box, click the Flash tab and select Optimize content.
    3. To experience how Flash Redirection accelerates the delivery of Flash multimedia content to virtual desktops, visit a website containing Flash videos, such as, and view a video on your desktop. Flash Redirection is designed to be seamless so that users will not know when it is running. However, you can check to see whether Flash Redirection is being used by looking for a block of color that appears momentarily before the Flash player starts.
  4. To experience HDX delivery of high definition audio to virtual desktops:
    1. Configure your Citrix client for maximum audio quality. Refer to the Receiver documentation for details.
    2. Install a digital audio player (such as iTunes, available from on your desktop and play some music files.