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Citrix Launcher

Mar 02, 2017

Citrix Launcher lets you customize the user experience for Android devices deployed by XenMobile. The minimum Android version supported for Secure Hub management of Citrix Launcher is Android 4.0.3. You can add the Launcher Configuration Policy to control these Citrix Launcher device-level restrictions:

  • Manage Android devices so that users can access only the apps that you specify.
  • Optionally specify a custom logo image for the Citrix Launcher icon and a custom background image for Citrix Launcher.
  • Specify a password that users must enter to exit the launcher.

The device launcher provides built-in access to device settings for WiFi, Bluetooth, device passcode, and other settings. Citrix Launcher isn't intended as an extra layer of security over what the device platform already provides.

To provide Citrix Launcher to Android devices, follow these general steps.

1. Download the Citrix Launcher app from the Citrix XenMobile downloads page for your XenMobile edition. The file name is CitrixLauncher.apk. The file is ready to upload into XenMobile and doesn't require wrapping.

2. Add the device policy Launcher Configuration Policy: Go to Configure > Device Policies, click Add, and in the Add a New Policy dialog box, start typing Launcher. For more information, see Launcher Configuration Policy.

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3. Add the Citrix Launcher app to XenMobile as an enterprise app. In Configure > Apps, click Add. Then, click Enterprise. For more information, see Add an enterprise app.

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4. Create a Delivery Group for Citrix Launcher with the following configuration in Configure > Delivery groups:

  • On the Policies page, add the Launcher Configuration Policy.
  • On the Apps page, drag Citrix Launcher to Required Apps.
  • On the Summary page, click Deployment Order and verify that the Citrix Launcher app precedes the Launcher Configuration policy.
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For more information, see Deploy resources.